Aaj News - A Commercial Urdu-language Pakistani Broadcasting Station

Aaj News is a news station in Pakistan that broadcasts around the clock. It is a private television channel broadcasting in the Urdu language that broadcasts news from all across the nation as well as the rest of the globe. In the beginning, the channel broadcast a variety of different things, including news, current events, and entertainment. Later on, however, it transitioned into a news channel after handing over responsibility for its entertainment programs to its sister channel, Aaj Entertainment.

On March 23, 2005, Aaj News was first presented to the public by the Business Recorder Television Network, which is a component of the Business Recorder Group.

Both the Business Recorder newspaper and Apex Printery, which is Pakistan's only non-government organization that produces financial and legal documents, are owned by the Business Recorder Group. Apex Printery is also the sole printer in Pakistan.

PEMRA issued a show-cause notice to Aaj News on April 22, 2007, for violating the 2002 PEMRA Ordinance by airing news and talk shows on an issue that was pending with the Supreme Judicial Council and being unable to present a NOC from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The violation occurred because Aaj News was unable to present a NOC from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

On March 23, 2009, Aaj News transitioned into a news channel that broadcast continuously around the clock. The Recorder Television Network is home to both the AAJ News and AAJ Entertainment television channels.

In spite of the issues, AAJ News was able to establish itself as a prominent name in Pakistani television, and it is now regarded as one of the most watched stations in the country.

A number of popular news programs such as "30 Tarkeeh," "AAJ Subh," "AAJ Ki Baat," "AAJ Ki Khabar," "AAJ Zara Hutt Kay," "AAJ Entertainment Tonight," "Late Night Show With Begum Nawazish Ali," "4 Man Show," "Chandini," and "In The Arena" are broadcast on AAJ News.

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