Dunya News - Pakistan's Most Trusted News Channel

Dunya TV is recognized as one of the most promising and popular news channels in the nation, and its rise to higher heights of success can be attributed in large part to the fantastic, genuine, and engaging material that it broadcasts. Dunya TV Urdu News is a station that broadcasts programming in the country's official language around the clock. In collaboration with National Communication, the company become official in December of 2008. Dunya news, which is overseen by Mian Amir Mehmood and transmitted in Urdu through neighborhood link drivers around the clock, provides news and chat programs that match to the news.

Dunya News Live has a wide local reach and broadcasts live news and other important events in a variety of Pakistani cities, towns, and villages, as well as in more remote areas of the country. The Dunya news live and current affairs broadcasts attract an enormous number of viewers and are quite popular.

Hasb –e-Haal, Mazak Raat, Mahaaz, Cross Fire, News Watch, Police File, Tonight with Dr. Moeed Pirzada, just to mention a few, are among the widely recognized Dunya news television series that have high TRP ratings. Because to his funny performance, Hasb e Haal celebrity Azizi was able to win the war against TRP single-handedly. His trademark Punjabi style of analysis on contemporary topics and current events causes the audience to break out in fits of laughter. In 2012, Dunya News increased its business operations by extending its experience in print media by launching a newspaper called "Dunya Newspaper." In this way, Dunya News expanded its market reach. Dunya News TV has been Pakistan's most popular current affairs channel in recent years because it does an excellent job of overcoming the problem of providing genuine reporting.

Identify the Most Popular News Shows in Pakistan

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