Express News - One Of The Most Admired Pakistani TV Channels

Express News is a television news station in Pakistan that was launched on the first of the year 2008 and has its headquarters in Karachi. Lakson Group, which also owns and operates the Daily Express, the country's third biggest Urdu daily, is the company that is responsible for its management and ownership. Since the 5th of February in 2009, the Pakistani news channel known as Express News has begun broadcasting. It is owned by a collection of individuals.

Express Entertainment, the entertainment channel owned and operated by Express Media Group, was launched on January 1, 2012. Additionally, EMG launched their channel known as Hero TV on June 5th, 2012.

In Pakistan's media business, the Express Media Company has the position of being the third biggest media group. The Lakson group is the owner of it. Lahore serves as the location of the organization's headquarters. First, on September 2, 1998, they published the first issue of their daily express newspaper. After working only for Daily Express for the last 10 years, the group started their very own news channel on January 1, 2008, which was named Express News Urdu. The group joined the rapidly expanding field of electronic media in Pakistan with the establishment of the express news channel as their entry point.

The programs on this channel provide coverage of news in Urdu on a local, national, and worldwide level. One of the news stations in Pakistan with the highest viewership is called Express News. It has been well-known for its groundbreaking work in the realm of news transmission as well as for its authoritative reporting on current events occurring all around the world.

The Review, Express News' chat show, To The Point, Kal Tak, Wo Kya Hai, Express Expert, Grift, Center Stage, and Takrar are only few of the famous news programs that are broadcast by Express News.

Express News may be seen in high definition and can be accessible on cable networks or online through live streaming services. The high-definition version of the program is also available.

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