PTV Sports - A Brief Overview of Pakistan's First and Largest Sports Channel

PTV Sports is the first sports channel of Pakistan. It is owned by Pakistan Television Corporation, which is a state-owned organization. PTV Sports has been broadcasting since 1976 and has gained popularity among viewers in recent years due to its high quality coverage of cricket matches and other sports events.

As one of the leading broadcasters of cricket in Pakistan, it covers all major domestic tournaments as well as international tournaments such as ICC World Cup, Cricket World Cup Qualifiers etc., T20 cricket matches and international ODI series like India-Pakistan matches etc., domestic cricket competitions like Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, National One Day Championship (NOC).

Over the course of the last several years, a great number of brand-new sports networks have emerged. However, many of them were unable to maintain up with the level of popularity they had among the general population. Discuss our country's primary sports television channel, PTV Sports.

PTV Sports is often ranked as one of the most watched sports channels in Pakistan. Cricket, hockey, football, wrestling, and tennis are all popular spectator sports among young people in Pakistan. You are able to play a wide variety of games on a single platform.

It is the mission of this national sports channel to broadcast live sporting events originating from all around the country and the globe. PTV Sports Live is an enthralling and fascinating sports website that provides you with an extensive quantity of enjoyable sporting events. The channel is grateful to have such devoted fans, as a result of which it is able to broadcast live games, programs centered on sports, replays of historic events, and much more.

The most popular shows on PTV Home include

  • Game On Hai!

  • Sports Circle

  • Keh dein jo kehna hai

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