What MediaVoir Offers

TV Ratings

Evaluation based on the viewed programs Attention and rating given to all programs broadcast by a given channel so indicated.

TV Tracking

Analytics on audiences and viewing habits Instar Analytics is the world’s leading TV analysis software, used in more than 29 countries by 8,000+ users.

Instar Analytics

Evaluation based on Time. Average consumption time of the viewing audience that was actually watching TV at the time in question.

The Only TV Analytics Solution for Everyone

MediaVoir provides a streamlined interface that lets you find out what's popular on TV in Pakistan. We created MediaVoir to make sure the data you get is accurate, understandable, and reliable

MediaVoir Snaps Live Data on Viewing Patterns

MediaVoir constantly collects and analyzes all types of data, including information about what people watch, where they watch it, when they watch it, and who they watch it with.